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Online Game War of Empires

Browser Game War of Empires online

[18.01.2012], added (a): sveta-bul
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Description browser online game War of Empires:
War of Empires online - it's brilliant free online browser strategy, which has already won many fans. It has great graphics and interesting story. After registering in the War of Empires, the first thing you need to do is create your character. So, choose a race (you can select your own, or with Autoselect) and, if the character was chosen as an automatic way, you get a small bonus. Have to choose from four races: Rome, China, Persia or Egypt. Once you have decided on race, sex, and select the image of your hero. Next you will be prompted to select a location on the map for your city, if you do not want to be by chance somewhere in the ...
After all this, you get into the game and find yourself in the city. Now you will perform a series of mandatory training missions to help you quickly learn all aspects of the game. In the future you will need to carry out various missions in order to acquire that necessary resources or bonuses. All tasks in the online game War of Empires divided into basic, subsistence and development. When you select a job you are guided by its content, since they each have their own description and purpose. War of Empires online game has three main game locations: game world, your city and District War empires. Each of these locations has its own characteristics. Each player (hero) in the War of Empires online there are some basic characteristics of possessing that your character can achieve certain goals. This power (which increases attack speed and damage), Leadership (it improves the quality of the number of troops), Agility (affects the security and life) and intelligence (he gives force and effect of skills). All these features can be pumped through the passage levels, clothing and various elixirs.
World War II Empires game is structured so that in addition to good economic performance, there is the further development also has the effect of religion and military power, and they should not be neglected. Playing the online game War of Empires, you will have the opportunity to change the epoch, of which there are five, are: wild, dark, Feudalism, Medieval and Empire. It is necessary to take into account that the transition to each new era is more difficult than in the previous one. Let's briefly look at these epochs.
So: Wild era - era begins with this game, it is possible to construct its first building, dark era - in this era can construct such buildings as the market, the Sanctuary, Temples, Shooting, Defence Staff, to build gates and fences, as well as hire archers Feudalism - in this era can be built Town Hall, stables, Fair, and also recruit horsemen Middle Ages - in this era can build school heroes, Arsenal, and hire combat vehicles (ballista and trebuchet);
Empire - in this era can be built fortress, and hire special forces. Play a game of War of Empires online with other players, you can (PvP), there are several versions of the battle: attack (the capture of other people's camps), robbery (theft of resources and gold from other players) and interception (you can capture the characters of other players on the world map). In addition to PvP battles in this game there is a sufficiently large choice of more and other types of battles (with monsters). Players to communicate with each other, there are a Chat, Mail, Forum. And that's not all there is in this online game. To further explore this mysterious world, you need to register in the game of Empires War and become one of the participants in the local battles!

Play in the browser-based game War of Empires online:

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