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Online Game Forsaken World

Browser Game Forsaken World online

[05.01.2012], added (a): sveta-bul
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Description browser online game Forsaken World:
To begin playing the game Forsaken World you must: 1) Register 2) Download the game 3) Set your computer 4) Run the game and create a character online game Forsaken World - a MMORPG (client multiplayer online role playing), created by world famous studio Beijing Perfect World . Online game Forsaken World has become so popular outside of Asia, which in late 2011 came the Russian-language version of the game.

Create an Account - Register (eg filling)

After registering, download the game

by clicking: - torrent (recommended ~ 20 minutes): "torrent distribution" - either directly (not recommended for a long time ~ 1.5 hours) "Download the file to install the game" and install the game Forsaken World on PC. ATTENTION: file size game 3.6Gb - Verify that you have had a place on your computer! Download speed is very slow on this we recommend downloading the installation file via a torrent.
Play online game Forsaken World's interesting. The game has a bright modern graphics, all the details worked out in detail. You will be able to visit various beautiful locations, travel, performing various tasks, you will hunt for monsters, pass dangerous dungeons, fight with other characters, arenas and duels. Forsaken World online - it's a huge world full of mysteries and puzzles, battle stormy and exciting adventures. Trying to unravel all the secrets, you can restore a full picture of this incredibly fascinating history of the universe, collecting artifacts.
In Forsaken World online five races: frangory, people vesperiany, dwarves and elves. Frangory in this world are the strongest and bravest warriors. In this race there are no women, only men. Their body is made of stone, they are hard spirit in the hearts of courage. The battles frangory always in the forefront, taking on his broad back of the main shock. In addition to their excellent combat skills, they are perfectly forge weapons of mass destruction. However, despite its strength, a very people frangorov pacified. Race of people is very militant, charismatic and has the ability to adapt to society. People tend to know the universe, they are wise and versatile. Representatives of the race brave warriors and dangerous killers, powerful magicians and wise priests. In the battle powerful enemies and they are a reliable ally.
The most mysterious race are vesperiany. They are divinely beautiful, for the sake of love are capable of great sacrifices, and yet incredibly strong and dangerous. Since people do not particularly get along vesperiany live apart and do not enter into alliances. But among themselves they live united and stick together. Race Dwarves - naistareyshaya and the most advanced technologically, in the battle to defeat them easily. Gnomes growth is low, but stocky and hardy. Their main occupation is blacksmithing and mining. Magic gnomes do not enjoy, do not understand or accept it. However, due to their golden hands and wisdom, their deadly weapons to their enemies. Elves - are representatives of a refined and sophisticated race, everything that they touched, becoming as awesome and beautiful. They are madly in love nature and are willing to defend it by all possible means, even if I have to use the weapon. The game has such races Frangory, Vesperiany, Elves, Humans, Dwarves
Also in the Forsaken World, there are classes: warrior, defender, a vampire, the assassin, bard, mage, priest and arrows. In the battle of the warriors lead the troops, supporting them and instilling in them courage. The defenders in the battle take the hit to protect his teammates. Vampires are subtle and insidious, they are able to bring down the enemy with a brain during a battle. Assassins lurk in the shadows and in the most unexpected moment strike first. Mages have the ability to control the elements, turning the natural phenomena of strikes. Priests heal and revive fallen in battle. Arrows have keen eyesight and are able to kill the enemy from a distance. On the thirtieth level are available yarostnye PvP battles between players - battles between guilds for Air Base. After capture, the Air Base can be upgraded. By participating in the battles, you'll get rewarded with experience points, items of clothing and recognition of your comrades. Register in Forsaken World will not take long. To register on the site, and after download the game client and install to your computer. I wish you success!

Play in the browser-based game Forsaken World online:

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