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Online Game Haddan

Browser Game Haddan online

[08.12.2011], added (a): admin
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Description browser online game Haddan:
Haddan - a magical world created by the mighty and the great pantheon of gods and alluring in their halls of treasure hunters, rogues, noble knights and great politicians! Bare your swords and get ready for an amazing adventure! Haddana population - representatives of three races: Orcs, Elves and Men. Besides the visual differences in the images of members of different races, their characteristics are as different among themselves. Physically strong orcs are much smaller than in agility people and elves.
The latter are very precise and elusive, but menie tenacious in comparison with the characters of the other two races. Points in the development of Haddane awarded for fighting in the arena duel battles, as well as civilian jobs and every fulfillment of tasks (quests). Received on savings to buy the perfect outfit orc or elf gleaming blades, which will be for you the best of friends even in the most bitter and uncompromising battle. The combat system is practically no different from the most famous online browser-RPG. At the beginning of each turn, you choose where to hit the enemy and where to put the block. As soon as your spopernik do the same, the course will be finished and made public its findings.
Household and economic system in the game is high. All of the resources extracted players who have chosen peaceful occupations, are used to create various equipment or weapons, or just sell them on the market. For the money you can get hold of a new blade, relax with friends in a tavern or even play games of chance. Sooner or later, everyone in Haddana will need to elect one of four ways: Heart Force, soul, mind.
Depending on your choice, you will learn a list of special skills, details of which can be learned from a mentor that is associated with one way or another. A pleasant surprise for each player is the ability to have a pet that will be your comrades and assistant in your adventures. Each of the pets have unique abilities, which means that to choose a pet-assistant to the mind.
Creating or joining a clan, you have the opportunity to receive clan benefits like faster recovery, magical energy, and improve endurance equipment and weapons. These leaders will appreciate the social aspect of the game Haddan. So, if you are worthy to be called an adventurer, then join and become a great conqueror of the wizarding world Haddana!

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